Zoe Toms


The work of Zoe Toms comes from personal experience and the exploration of memory and place.

The female figure has often been the signature to her work, recalling memories from her childhood and growing up. Through further investigation into mark-making and materials, her drawings, sculptures and displays begin to reach out beyond the boundaries of the figurative outline. Personal experience takes on new forms of expression, which explore the relationships connecting and counteracting her internal world with the external.

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Zoe Toms - Memory in Blue

Memory in Blue Fabric. 75cm x 108cm, Cotton, natural dye. 2020

Zoe Toms - Hideout

Hideout. 80cm x 60cm, Sheep's wool, wire. 2020

Zoe Toms - Hive

Hive, 38cm x 30cm, Cotton, sheep's wool. 2020


Zoe Toms - Landscape

Landscape. 25cm x 70cm, Cotton, sheep's wool, coconut fibre. 2020

Zoe Toms - Protect

Protect, 35cm x 135cm, Cotton, sheep's wool. 2020

Zoe Toms - Mountains

Mountains. Sculpture, 76cm x 30cm x 45cm, Cotton, coconut fibre. 2020

Zoe Toms - The Crossing

The Crossing. Hanging Installation. 80cm x 76cm x 63cm, Cotton, coconut fibre, acrylic thread. 2020

Zoe Toms - Water Snake

Water Snake. Display. 35cm x 39cm x 28cm, Acrylic, plaster, wax, grass.2020

Zoe Toms - Schwartz

Schwarz. Hanging Sculpture. 114cm x 25cm, Black fabric, wire, acrylic thread. 2021